Weekend Planning Meeting and Cleaning at Dakini Ranch

On Saturday, April 5th a group of us from Albuquerque, Denver and Santa Fe met at Dakini Ranch in the San Luis Valley for our first cleaning of the cabin, and a meeting where we discussed the priorities of the land, the septic, well and cistern being at the forefront. It was clear to all of us that there is a lot of foundational work that needs to be in place before groups begin to convene and camp out on the land. We got our hands dirty, cleared out all the dusty cabin furniture, scoured the place from head to toe as best as we could! It is cleared out and feels good for our next visit of work. It was a good first step, we hiked the land, explored some caves, the arroyo, it was wet when we were there, snow and rain came and went. The skies are theatre the land is vast as are the pear cactus- lots of fruit there!:o Karmapa Chenno!