Galisteo Arts Center: Under the Influences May 25 – Sept 16

Saturday, July 20th marks the second opening at the Galisteo Arts Center from 4-6pm. I will have some work in this exhibition from July 20 – September 16.

The theme of the show is “Under the Influences,” an acknowledgement of how the work of others has influenced artists, writers, filmmakers, and musicians. It will be open from May 25 through late September and will be augmented by additional programming such as films, lectures and workshops.

The photographs I submitted were from my series ‘Between You and the View’. One can see the direct influence of lighting from the Dutch Old Masters - the most obvious: Johanne Vermeer’s Girl With a Pearl Earring, 1665. The Golden Age of Dutch painting- depicting everyday life moments, and that look of being caught up in the middle of something- which was the interest of the Dutch artist in 17th century painting. The quiet, sober moments that lead into the mystery of being. The idea of being, existing at that moment was a revelation in itself. Vermeer’s work was also very personal, which set him aside from other painters at that time. His subjects were often of a singular woman doing something domestic, caught up in the moment.

The moon photograph added with the two other portraits shares in this influence of the everyday, here a view of the full moon. Moonlight plays with the mystery and imagination of the contemplation of truth.