Christmas Copenhagen New Years Hamburg

Every year I like to plan at least two meditation courses with my buddhist teacher Lama Ole Nydahl. This year my dear friend, Jen and I decided to take a trip together for some quality time spent, meditation together, catching up with old friends in Europe and receive timeless buddhist teachings from our tireless, teacher Lama Ole. First stop was Copenhagen, the first Diamond Way Buddhist center, where Lama Ole refers to it as the ‘mother center’ here one can see the beginning roots of Lama Ole and Hannah’s activity. The house is located in the embassy district and the interior was dedicated to the traditional eastern arts of tibetan thanka murals of certain buddhas, bodhisattvas and protectors. I had not been to the Copenhagen center since 2000 and was amazed to see and feel how much of it has remained so well preserved and how much larger the group has become with two additional houses next door. On Christmas Eve we were invited to a small intimate dinner of 40 people and celebrated with a traditional Danish ensemble of roasted duck with prunes, a crispy roasted pork, cabbage salad, potatoes with a special duck sauce, mushrooms, all cooked to perfection by Sebastian and a crew of 15 at least and with weeks preparing! On Christmas morning there was magical blanket of fresh snow in Copenhagen and the beginning of the Mahamudra course. After the three day course we made our way across the Baltic Sea to Hamburg for the New Years Course.